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Protect your credit card data with the help of this new RFID-blocking credit card holder.

How does the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) work?

When an RFID « reader » or « scanner » is activated, it scans its immediate surroundings and. If it detects an RFID chip, it reads the information contained in it.For example, by simply placing your credit card on a cash register RFID reader when purchasing a product, you are able to make the purchase without typing in your secret credit card code.However, this technology also has negative aspects…

A thief can use an RFID scanner to extract money from your bank account by simply approaching your credit card (that you keep in your back pocket, wallet, handbag etc.) with the scanner.Some banks allow you to deactivate RFID card payments.

Nonetheless, it is a very quick and convenient payment method so the ideal solution would be to combine security and convenience.That is we recommend storing your credit cards in our RFID-blocking credit card holder: you will enjoy convenience with no risks.

1.CREDIT CARD PROTECTION: the RFID-blocking credit card holder blocks unauthorised RFID scanners from stealing data from your credit, debit or smart card.2.LIGHTWEIGHT: Made of aluminium, small and light (100 grams), the RFID-blocking credit card holder can be easily carried in your pocket or purse.3.EASY TO USE: Your cards with partly slide out of the holder with the click of a button. However, they will never fall out. You can keep it in your pocket without the risk of a card falling out of the holder. Your cards will not be damaged in any way.4.CASH CLIP: With the help of the money clip, you can also carry cash and up to 10 business cards.5.THE PERFECT GIFT: The cool carbon look makes it the perfect gift for friends, partners, parents, sons or daughters.


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